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Date:2014年9月4日 22:27

Recently, the space electric led a line of nine people, to the northwest area GaoPo Township pendulum dragon village on-the-spot investigation, according to the research results will be targeted for poverty alleviation for the village.

At eight o 'clock in the morning, the company chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and party secretary of the union 9 people, such as driving to GaoPo Township dragon village. In the humble village committee conference room, space electric company leadership and dragon village township, the village committee director and mastering of communication for a long period of time, the production, life, education and so on many aspects of the village of detailed understanding. Through the village cadres are introduced, moved by poor living conditions for local farmers. After the communication, accompanied by the village cadres, the company leading a row over the four dragon village, village

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